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August 5, 2010 / jtwomey26

Shaq needs a nickname

Shaq’s coming to Boston and I couldn’t be happier! Since coming to the NBA Shaq has added “enormous” entertainment to the game of basketball. When at LSU he was talked about as a physical specimen like no other and unlike many amateurs, he has lived up to that billing. So much so that the Celtics took a chance on another LSU player because of his nickname “Baby Shaq”. Later changed to “Big Baby” , Glenn Davis was given the name because of his linebacker like size. Shaquille O’neal also has a personality to match his size. With his public fued with Laker star Kobe Bryant to his MTV Cribs episode where he promised to have the biggest bed in the world. Shaq will fit the bill in Boston, a city that appreciates Big personalities and has been in desperate need for a Big man after being outrebounded in the finals by the Lakers. ESPN had a nickname contest for Shaq in his new city, mine is Shaqopotamus. Let me know what you think it should be. 

Coming to Beantown


August 4, 2010 / jtwomey26

Something Good

Good Morning,
Yesterday I vowed to wake up at 5:00am and I’m happy to say I was up at 4:58am. I woke up before the alarm and went for a 40 minute run. When I got back to the house I read the last chapter in my book (Stephen King‘s Dark Tower VI Songs of Susannah) and had a nice cup of tea. This really set the tone for an excellent day and gave me time to enjoy the beautiful morning. I hope everyone that read the post from yesterday has a minute to share their story about a goal they accomplished yesterday. 

Morning Run

5 A. M. Somewhere

August 1, 2010 / jtwomey26

Golf with an old friend

                 This morning I got together with a very good friend that I hadn’t seen for a while. I got to the course earlier and when we shook hands a level of comfort took over. He and I have been best friends for over twenty years and instantly began to catch up on the newest events of our lives. As we approached the first hole we talked about our weekend and the parties we had been to and the people we had caught up with at those parties. They paired us up with a father and son and so switched our conversation to much lighter topics. Like  how bad all four of us were playing on the first hole. As we moved to the next few holes we settled in and exchanged information with the father and son we had been paired with. They told us they were from nearby Stoneham and we told them the golf course was a middle point for Jon (my good friend) and I to meet up a couple of times a year. As we continued to play we talked about our summers and talked about our families. Before we knew it we were coming up on the last couple of holes. We both had played pretty well, but talked mostly about  the real world and very little about the game we were playing.
                  Golf is great because it gives you a neutral distraction for you to be able to talk about the important things. It puts everything in perspective. Nothing is pressing, nothing is too important and things really stay the same. Golf is a vehicle for us to slow down and reflect. It is a game of present moment thinking and of unmatched quiet. One thing is for sure “Golf with an old friend” is a gift that should never be taken for granted and should always be enjoyed.Golf

July 30, 2010 / jtwomey26

Heating your home with oil or propane


 People are always trying to decide whether to heat with propane or oil, here is a list of the top ten things to consider:

 1. How you are currently heating your home?

 2. If you are using oil, how old is our system? If it’s time to replace it, then we should talk about switching you over, but if you have a five-year old system then keep using oil.

3.  Oil has more BTU‘s or energy content (136K), propane has less (91K).

4. If you have propane at the house then you can take advantage of the versatility and cleanliness of propane.

5. Oil is typically more expensive in a whole house application per gallon.

6. Propane is versatile and once it’s in the house it can be used for cooking, drying, hot water, grilling, generators and anything else you can think of using fuel for in your home.

7. What is required for maintenance with your system? Oil systems require an annual maintenance .Once a year it is recommended that you clean your furnace to achieve optimum performance and ensure a long life for your furnace or boiler. The cost for an annual cleaning ranges from $100-$250 a year. Propane systems should be service bi-annually. 

8. Always consider the efficiency of the boiler or furnace. Some units qualify for energy credits that can serve as an additional incentive for selecting that unit.  

9. Both fuels are good choices and both have life expectancies of about 20 years.

10. When you’re deciding on which fuel to install get a few quotes and consider these things and you can’t go wrong.

July 29, 2010 / jtwomey26

How to sign up for a subscription

If you like this Blog select the space to the right that says “email subscription” and I guarantee I will make sure everything I write is worth reading. This is definitely a learning process writing a post everyday and my wife says I need to tighten up my spelling and grammar so I plan to do that. I also plan to talk about Propane and sports because those are the two things I know best. Continue to post honest feedback and I promise to list it on the site and work to improve everyday.

Thanks, Jeremy

July 28, 2010 / jtwomey26

MLS All Stars vs Manchester United

Twenty-one seconds into Wednesday nights Manchester United vs. the MLS all-stars, viewers were reminded how superior European football is to our American league. The red jerseys of Man United ran all over the field and toyed with the MLS all-stars for the first half of the game. Out shooting the US easily. While the US played every ball as far up the field as they could kick it, the European club team passed and created scoring opportunities with every touch. The game was shown on ESPN2 showing the lack of importance of this game to US viewers. On a bright note, Marco Scutaro’s grand slam lifted the Red Sox to a much-needed win today over the Angels. Reminding us what’s really important to us in New  England. The Red Sox, Patriots, Celtics and Bruins.

July 28, 2010 / jtwomey26

Chess on-line visit

On-line chess has always been something that allows you to play against a lot of people, at a lot of different skill levels. Often these games take a long time to play. Whether the other person just takes a while to make a move or the actual game is just very competitive and takes a long time to be resolved.

I was directed to a website that solves that problem. This site allows you to play chess one move at a time via email. The idea is that you find an opponent and send them an invite to play a game of chess. He then accepts the challenge and you both make moves at your own speed. One guy I play against makes a move every three or four days. You are notified through email every time your opponent makes a move. You can see the move he made on a chess board and the most recent move is highlighted. Check it out if you have a minute. #



July 28, 2010 / jtwomey26

The Power of Facebook

Yesterday I posted that I had a Blog on my FacebookFacebook page and I had over 50 visitors. Thank you for everyone that has come to read my Blog. My plan is for my site to be a source of information about anything having to do with propane, oil and air conditioning. However I know that my friends and family are much more interested in entertainment and sports news, so I will continue to pair the two subjects.

July 27, 2010 / jtwomey26

Tax Credits for Propane

If you or someone you know is thinking about installing a propane water heater or boiler check out this government site.

There are tax credits that expire in December of this year. Please let me know if you have questions about whether or not the boiler you’re considering qualifies. I’d be happy to help.

July 27, 2010 / jtwomey26


MovieMarissa and I saw Inception last weekend. I highly recommend it. If you like Matrix style movies you’ll love this one. I have been wanting to see it all summer. Despite the ridiculous amount of commercials. See it on Imax, well worth the cash.