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Good Vacation Spots

Ocho Rios is a perfect spot for young travelers on an adventure with their significant other. Everyone there is with their wife, husband, boyfriend or girlfriend. They have Wedding packages for people looking for a destination weddings. Everyone that works there is really nice and willing to sing at any moment! When you walk into the lobby the views of Jamaica are waiting to amaze you, with beautiful greenish-blue Caribbean  water. I highly recommend going during hurricane season. You save a bunch of money and can buy trip insurance for $100.

My wife and I went to Sandals St. Lucia for our Honeymoon in 2008 and had a wonderful time. We took a catamaran trip to the Gran Pitons. Two beautiful volcanos coming right out of the water.  This trip was well worth the extra couple of hundred dollars. It proved to be our only trip into the real island. The rest of the time we were on the resort. Which was full of relaxing spots. Like the “quiet pool area” that served tea at noon. We met a few of the locals from the island and found them to be very friendly. We are going back next July and we can’t wait.

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