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Good or Great Movies

Inception 2010 

Marissa and I saw Inception last weekend. I highly recommend it. If you like Matrix style movies you’ll love this one. I have been wanting to see it all summer, despite the ridiculous amount of commercials. See it on Imax, well worth the cash. 

Gran Torino 2008

I know this movie is a couple of years old, however if you haven’t seen it then you need to see it today. Since Clint Eastwood’s acting debut in the  1958 tv show “Rawhide” , he has produced and acted in some of the best movies Hollywood has ever made. From the start this movie plays with your emotions and makes you think about the kind of person you are. This grizzled old man lives his life the way so many of our parents and grandparents lived. He makes sacrifices and lives his life for those around him. Eastwood is getting old (80 this year), but delivers an energy filled performance. Please rent this movie if you haven’t seen it and if you have rent it again. It’s just as good the second time.

One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest 1975

This film is based on the novel by Ken Kesey that depicts Jack Nicholson as a prison trying to opt out of jail time by checking into a mental institute and pleading insanity. While at the institution he touches the lives of a group of eight men by teaching them how to live like “normal” people. One of the best parts is his relationship with an enormous native american nicknamed Chief whom Jack teaches to play basketball. Chief has been pretending to be deaf and dumb, Jack spotted this and coaxed the Chief  into talking. The movie is a classic and is Jack Nicholson at his coolest. Check it out, it is well worth the price of a rental and is free to watch on Netflix if you have a subscription. 

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