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September 2, 2010 / jtwomey26

Fantasy Football Auction Draft

Tom Brady

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         Over the past couple of years the idea of an auction draft system for fantasy football has been gaining steam. In my opinion this style of drafting is the only way to go. In this format every player is given a budget of a specific dollar amount. In my league it is $1000 dollars. Every player is given a draft order number. If there are ten players in the league they are numbers 1-10. The player who was assigned number one throws out a player. For example we’ll say Tom Brady and a dollar value. So the first guy says Tom Brady $50 bucks. The player that was assigned a 2 now gets to bid on that same player. He can up the bid from fifty dollars or he can pass on the chance to bid for Brady. The strategy is to budget your $1,000 to make the best team possible. The caveat is that you spend too much on your players and you are left with no money to fill your roster, wait too long to pick up players and you get left with no good players to draft for your team.
         The first year I played I got in a bidding war for Larry Johnson (seems ridiculous now) and spent $260 and Stephen Jackson and spent $250. At that point I had spent half my money on two guys and had little money to get a quarterback, defense and wide receivers. I ended up in third or fourth place. Lesson learned. The second year I waited for the good players at reasonable money and ended up with a very good team. Because of a couple of injuries I ended up in third again, but gained an appreciation for the way to draft using the auction draft system.
          With the auction draft, participants still need to be masters of the free agent market and they need to make wise decisions on trading and releasing players. The only change is that on draft day players need to think like a CEO of an organization and not just a guy who throws out a random name and gets that name placed on the board. The auction draft style continues to grow. If you have any questions about the specifics of how to set up a league (ESPN has a great one for free) shoot me an email or post a comment below. Thanks, Jeremy  

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