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August 25, 2010 / jtwomey26

Free Cds at your local library

     Many librarys offer an enourmous selection of every book your family would be interested in reading. From Stephen King to Stephen Hawking they have books on building cars and books based on the Sex in the City series. In addition to these books they all carry ancillary products including dvds and cds. The library here in my town has box sets of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and Johnny Cash. A person who lives in town and has a library card can take out as many as twenty of these cds at a time. So, I take these cds home and burn them to my Ipod. Why pay Itunes $.99 a song to get them sent to you electronically, when you can go pick them up for free at the library. Most of these cds are dontated and in my experience all are in excellent condition. I’m sure this varies from library to library, but is pretty impressive considering the cost to borrow them.

     Library budgets in Boston were cut last year during a statewide spending cut. Many voices on the radio and television supported this spending cut. Several voices said that the librarians were over paid and that libraries were a dated idea. Often times the people speaking against library funding are wealthy or famous and can understandably have a disconnect with the importance of libraries. When I was a kid, the library was a place where nice old ladies read books to children and kids learned about how to find books they were interested in reading.

       Nowadays everything is available on the computer and kids that are younger and younger, are using the internet to play games and read books. The library seems to be maturing with this new generation, they have recognized that the more they have to offer the larger the draw to them. By offering “multi media” rather than just books they can draw in that younger generation and they can get them used to coming into the library. Then by displaying the books that are popular and catching the eye of these kids they can draw them into reading books. Electronic devices are changing the way people learn and interact with each other and I am very happy the library has chosen to embrace these devices.

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