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August 24, 2010 / jtwomey26

Lada Gaga stamp released today

Transparent gaga logo for home page. 

       For the past few years the United States Post Office has lost money I have a plan that will make them money.     

      First of all they should start by charging a $1.00 to mail an envelope. These two-cent increases twice a year are not substantial enough to increase profits the way that they need to. With increased fuel costs and the cost of labor increases, the government needs to significantly increase the cost to mail something  first class. I’m sure the effect on business owners will be shocking at first, but ultimately they will adjust and past the cost on to the consumer like they do with all other increases in their costs.    

      The second thing they should do is cut back to a five-day work week. If they are open on Saturday’s it should be to work in the actual office not delivering mail. This will cut fuel costs by one sixth. People make it to all other government offices Monday through Friday, they’ll just have to make an adjustment to make it during those times.    

     The last idea that I have for increasing revenue may be the most significant. They should partner with celebrities to allow them to pay to put their picture on stamps. Currently they put different people on stamps as a tribute to a contribution they made to society or if they think the stamps will sell better than a traditional stamp. I think they should just put it out their to the public that you can have stamps made up with your image and let people pay to do that. I know that people like Lady Gaga would love to have a stamp of herself that was available at every post office. Charge her $1 million and let her do it. The post office is one of the most important service our country offers to the public and we should all be helping them to stay in business. Can you imagine if we all had to communicate via the internet……….    

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