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August 18, 2010 / jtwomey26

Red Sox Season

     Sox Logo  Heading into the last month and a half of the Red Sox season the Sox find themselves 5 and a half games out of first place and the wild card with 43 games to go. Today we heard that Mike Cameron and Jacoby Ellsbury have season ending injuries, Youkilis is out with a thumb injury, Varitek is hurt and the bullpen has blown a couple of leads over the past two weeks. So, what is there to be happy about…Pedroia is back, Bucholz is the best pitcher in baseball, Bard is pitching great in the set up position, Beltre is killing the ball, and the Red Sox are in a playoff race that really matters. When was the last time this team didn’t have the safety net of the wild card to fall back on. Every year now it seems like a three team race, but every year either the Rays or the Yankees have collapsed. This year that’s not the case and quite frankly, I’m excited about it. The last couple of years the regular season has been ho-hum and we all  wait for the playoffs to kick off the real season. Right now every game matters and every run is like a playoff game. I was at Applebees last night and heard a man sitting at a table say “all right” as the Sox scored the first run of the game on a Macdonald home run. When was the last time we celebrated a run in the third inning. I know what your thinking, it’s a bar so it’s not surprising to run into a fan drinking and cheering for a game. This man was sitting by himself positioned to watch the Angels game and eating a salad by himself. This was not a drunk at the bar. So, when you hear someone talking about the Red Sox chances of making the playoffs this season, remember how lucky we are to be in a playoff battle and try to remember the last time we almost didn’t make the playoffs. It was 2006 and they won 86 games and were transitioning from an old team to a young team. Sound familiar (bridge year)?

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