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August 16, 2010 / jtwomey26

Seaport Boston Hotel and Seaport World Trade Center Boston

Seaport Hotel

Seaport Boston Hotel and Seaport World Trade Center Boston


Sunday night Marissa and I went to a wedding at the Seaport Boston Hotel for her friend Ally. The reception was held at the hotel and the wedding ceremony was the highlight, overlooking the Boston Harbor. They had a very relaxed service as the couple exchanged wedding vows under a hopa decorated with green flowers.Then we had a cocktail hour in the next room with an ever more impressive view of surrounding buildings and the waterfront. Hand served appetizers were passed on wooden boards that added to the elegance of the affair. After the cocktail hour we headed upstairs to the wedding hall, which was brighter and more opulent than the two previous rooms. A small band of drums and woodwinds played through dinner and the couples first dance. Then the dance floor was lit up by large lights in the ceiling of purple and blue. Everyone began dancing even the bride’s friend with two foot dreadlocks came out to dance. The night and the hotel were beautiful and we had a fantastic time.

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