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August 9, 2010 / jtwomey26

Fresh Start

        Every Monday morning we are given a gift. One that allows you to choose a new attitude for the week. We are given the choice to either go into the week with a positive attitude or a negative one.  A positive attitude allows a person to discover opportunities to seek positive outcomes in even the smallest task. What this does for you is that it opens doors to begin chain reactions and creates momentum that can carry you in the direction that you desire. Suddenly things begin to all start working the way that you want them to work for you. The elevator is held open for you and the people welcome you in the door. The woman at the supermarket opens a new aisle and invites you to come over to her lane instead of having you wait in the line you were waiting in before she called to you. These things are significant because if you were in a negative frame of mind they may still happen, but you wouldn’t look for them or appreciate them and so they would have no significance to you. If you are looking for a fresh start to your week, begin with one choice and notice the momentum leading your way towards that choice.

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  1. Colleen / Aug 10 2010 9:21 AM

    This is so true. When you are open to positivity positive things come your way! It also makes you more approachable and allows people to send you good vibes when you’ve got an open attitude or a smile on your face. You are also likely to make someone elses day! SMILE!

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