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August 7, 2010 / jtwomey26

The Tempest

             The Tempest

 LL Bean Summer in the Park

                 Last night my wife and I attended a performance of Shakespeare’s The Tempest in Freeport, Maine. This event was part of the LL Bean summer concert series and was free to the public. It’s easy to plan a whole day around the event by enjoying Main Street and all it has to offer. During the day around Freeport the town’s outlet shops and restaurants showed no sign of the struggling economy as people walked around with oversized bags filled with clothes. Freeport has a great downtown with high-end shops and an enormous LL Bean store. The LL Bean features three individual stores that make the “campus,” as they call it, look like your local university. In addition to the L.L. Bean Retail Store, you’ll also find an L.L. Bean Home Store, an L.L.Bean Hunting & Fishing Store and an L.L.Bean Bike, Boat & Ski Store in Freeport. There is also an L.L. Bean Outlet store located nearby in the village center. For directions and hours of operation, call the outlet store at 207-552-7772.
         The play was set in the center of the LL Bean “campus”. The stage was large and professionally designed. On the day of the event you can set up your own chairs or blankets and reserve a seat. We did this at 3:00 pm and were able to secure a seat in the fourth row which was a perfect spot. At 7:00 pm the seating area was full of people looking for a seat for the show, and we simply walked to our chairs and plopped down.
          With the sunset in the background the actors delivered a wonderful performance. The props used during the play were of the highest quality and the orchestra played throughout the show with a perfect sounding volume that complemented the play without overpowering its spoken verse. This show was the first annual, and I highly recommend visiting next year’s event or any of the other free shows during their summer series. For more information visit:

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