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October 9, 2010 / jtwomey26

Bruins visit Prague for opener

Bruins vs. Devils 2/13/09 Prudential Center, N...

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A minute ago the Coyotes took a one-nothing lead over the Bruins in the season opener. This season is expected to bring great things for the Bruins and their newly signed defender Zdeno Chara.

September 2, 2010 / jtwomey26

Fantasy Football Auction Draft

Tom Brady

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         Over the past couple of years the idea of an auction draft system for fantasy football has been gaining steam. In my opinion this style of drafting is the only way to go. In this format every player is given a budget of a specific dollar amount. In my league it is $1000 dollars. Every player is given a draft order number. If there are ten players in the league they are numbers 1-10. The player who was assigned number one throws out a player. For example we’ll say Tom Brady and a dollar value. So the first guy says Tom Brady $50 bucks. The player that was assigned a 2 now gets to bid on that same player. He can up the bid from fifty dollars or he can pass on the chance to bid for Brady. The strategy is to budget your $1,000 to make the best team possible. The caveat is that you spend too much on your players and you are left with no money to fill your roster, wait too long to pick up players and you get left with no good players to draft for your team.
         The first year I played I got in a bidding war for Larry Johnson (seems ridiculous now) and spent $260 and Stephen Jackson and spent $250. At that point I had spent half my money on two guys and had little money to get a quarterback, defense and wide receivers. I ended up in third or fourth place. Lesson learned. The second year I waited for the good players at reasonable money and ended up with a very good team. Because of a couple of injuries I ended up in third again, but gained an appreciation for the way to draft using the auction draft system.
          With the auction draft, participants still need to be masters of the free agent market and they need to make wise decisions on trading and releasing players. The only change is that on draft day players need to think like a CEO of an organization and not just a guy who throws out a random name and gets that name placed on the board. The auction draft style continues to grow. If you have any questions about the specifics of how to set up a league (ESPN has a great one for free) shoot me an email or post a comment below. Thanks, Jeremy  

August 25, 2010 / jtwomey26

Free Cds at your local library

     Many librarys offer an enourmous selection of every book your family would be interested in reading. From Stephen King to Stephen Hawking they have books on building cars and books based on the Sex in the City series. In addition to these books they all carry ancillary products including dvds and cds. The library here in my town has box sets of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and Johnny Cash. A person who lives in town and has a library card can take out as many as twenty of these cds at a time. So, I take these cds home and burn them to my Ipod. Why pay Itunes $.99 a song to get them sent to you electronically, when you can go pick them up for free at the library. Most of these cds are dontated and in my experience all are in excellent condition. I’m sure this varies from library to library, but is pretty impressive considering the cost to borrow them.

     Library budgets in Boston were cut last year during a statewide spending cut. Many voices on the radio and television supported this spending cut. Several voices said that the librarians were over paid and that libraries were a dated idea. Often times the people speaking against library funding are wealthy or famous and can understandably have a disconnect with the importance of libraries. When I was a kid, the library was a place where nice old ladies read books to children and kids learned about how to find books they were interested in reading.

       Nowadays everything is available on the computer and kids that are younger and younger, are using the internet to play games and read books. The library seems to be maturing with this new generation, they have recognized that the more they have to offer the larger the draw to them. By offering “multi media” rather than just books they can draw in that younger generation and they can get them used to coming into the library. Then by displaying the books that are popular and catching the eye of these kids they can draw them into reading books. Electronic devices are changing the way people learn and interact with each other and I am very happy the library has chosen to embrace these devices.

August 24, 2010 / jtwomey26

Lada Gaga stamp released today

Transparent gaga logo for home page. 

       For the past few years the United States Post Office has lost money I have a plan that will make them money.     

      First of all they should start by charging a $1.00 to mail an envelope. These two-cent increases twice a year are not substantial enough to increase profits the way that they need to. With increased fuel costs and the cost of labor increases, the government needs to significantly increase the cost to mail something  first class. I’m sure the effect on business owners will be shocking at first, but ultimately they will adjust and past the cost on to the consumer like they do with all other increases in their costs.    

      The second thing they should do is cut back to a five-day work week. If they are open on Saturday’s it should be to work in the actual office not delivering mail. This will cut fuel costs by one sixth. People make it to all other government offices Monday through Friday, they’ll just have to make an adjustment to make it during those times.    

     The last idea that I have for increasing revenue may be the most significant. They should partner with celebrities to allow them to pay to put their picture on stamps. Currently they put different people on stamps as a tribute to a contribution they made to society or if they think the stamps will sell better than a traditional stamp. I think they should just put it out their to the public that you can have stamps made up with your image and let people pay to do that. I know that people like Lady Gaga would love to have a stamp of herself that was available at every post office. Charge her $1 million and let her do it. The post office is one of the most important service our country offers to the public and we should all be helping them to stay in business. Can you imagine if we all had to communicate via the internet……….    

August 21, 2010 / jtwomey26

Londonderry Old Home Day Road Race

Fun runners taking part in the 2006 Bristol Ha...

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    On Saturday August 21st the Londonderry Old Home Day 5k road race was held. Over four hundred runners gathered in the town center to take pictures with family and run pre-race jogs. Groups including sports teams from the local high school gathered for photos and family’s talked about the event while the start of the race loomed. Suddenly the group moved to the start line and the opening gun was fired. A quick pace down in front of Mack’s orchard led some to early cramps and others to race to the woods to early bathroom stops. As the runners settled into a good pace several on-lookers set up water sprinklers, providing a cool relief from the “prime rays” coming from the 8:00 a.m. sunshine. 

      In mile two it was more of the same as the group raced on towards the home stretch.  A long climb back up the hill in front of Mack’s orchard left many runners walking as their only option. Before long though, the cheering crowds urged runners to finish strong and the adrenaline of the race took over for these runners. At the finish the time was reported and the scores recorded based on the individuals bib number. Everyone then considered the rest of their day. Many went to enjoy free coffee and pastries and others headed directly to their cars. I went to breakfast with my Mom, having enjoyed a nice run and an opportunity to make her proud of her son. 

August 18, 2010 / jtwomey26

Red Sox Season

     Sox Logo  Heading into the last month and a half of the Red Sox season the Sox find themselves 5 and a half games out of first place and the wild card with 43 games to go. Today we heard that Mike Cameron and Jacoby Ellsbury have season ending injuries, Youkilis is out with a thumb injury, Varitek is hurt and the bullpen has blown a couple of leads over the past two weeks. So, what is there to be happy about…Pedroia is back, Bucholz is the best pitcher in baseball, Bard is pitching great in the set up position, Beltre is killing the ball, and the Red Sox are in a playoff race that really matters. When was the last time this team didn’t have the safety net of the wild card to fall back on. Every year now it seems like a three team race, but every year either the Rays or the Yankees have collapsed. This year that’s not the case and quite frankly, I’m excited about it. The last couple of years the regular season has been ho-hum and we all  wait for the playoffs to kick off the real season. Right now every game matters and every run is like a playoff game. I was at Applebees last night and heard a man sitting at a table say “all right” as the Sox scored the first run of the game on a Macdonald home run. When was the last time we celebrated a run in the third inning. I know what your thinking, it’s a bar so it’s not surprising to run into a fan drinking and cheering for a game. This man was sitting by himself positioned to watch the Angels game and eating a salad by himself. This was not a drunk at the bar. So, when you hear someone talking about the Red Sox chances of making the playoffs this season, remember how lucky we are to be in a playoff battle and try to remember the last time we almost didn’t make the playoffs. It was 2006 and they won 86 games and were transitioning from an old team to a young team. Sound familiar (bridge year)?

August 16, 2010 / jtwomey26

Seaport Boston Hotel and Seaport World Trade Center Boston

Seaport Hotel

Seaport Boston Hotel and Seaport World Trade Center Boston


Sunday night Marissa and I went to a wedding at the Seaport Boston Hotel for her friend Ally. The reception was held at the hotel and the wedding ceremony was the highlight, overlooking the Boston Harbor. They had a very relaxed service as the couple exchanged wedding vows under a hopa decorated with green flowers.Then we had a cocktail hour in the next room with an ever more impressive view of surrounding buildings and the waterfront. Hand served appetizers were passed on wooden boards that added to the elegance of the affair. After the cocktail hour we headed upstairs to the wedding hall, which was brighter and more opulent than the two previous rooms. A small band of drums and woodwinds played through dinner and the couples first dance. Then the dance floor was lit up by large lights in the ceiling of purple and blue. Everyone began dancing even the bride’s friend with two foot dreadlocks came out to dance. The night and the hotel were beautiful and we had a fantastic time.

August 14, 2010 / jtwomey26

Sublime Concert

Friday night Sublime with Rome played at Meadowbrook in Gilford, NH. For those of us that were fans of Sublime, this is the same group that performed behind Bradley Nowell the lead singer who overdosed on Heroin in 96. They have been touring as the Long Beach Dub All Stars since then. Last year they partnered up with Rome Ramirez, a 22-year-old who co-wrote “Lay Me Down” with The Dirty Heads. The Dirty Heads were the other band that Played Friday night.  Attached are a couple of songs they did that Rome helped them out with last night.

      The band played for a couple of hours and over ten songs after telling the crowd that they were done for the night. They played almost all Sublime songs and they sounded like the classic group, but had a new sound to the classic Sublime feel. Check back for a review on Meadowbrook.

August 9, 2010 / jtwomey26

Fresh Start

        Every Monday morning we are given a gift. One that allows you to choose a new attitude for the week. We are given the choice to either go into the week with a positive attitude or a negative one.  A positive attitude allows a person to discover opportunities to seek positive outcomes in even the smallest task. What this does for you is that it opens doors to begin chain reactions and creates momentum that can carry you in the direction that you desire. Suddenly things begin to all start working the way that you want them to work for you. The elevator is held open for you and the people welcome you in the door. The woman at the supermarket opens a new aisle and invites you to come over to her lane instead of having you wait in the line you were waiting in before she called to you. These things are significant because if you were in a negative frame of mind they may still happen, but you wouldn’t look for them or appreciate them and so they would have no significance to you. If you are looking for a fresh start to your week, begin with one choice and notice the momentum leading your way towards that choice.

August 7, 2010 / jtwomey26

The Tempest

             The Tempest

 LL Bean Summer in the Park

                 Last night my wife and I attended a performance of Shakespeare’s The Tempest in Freeport, Maine. This event was part of the LL Bean summer concert series and was free to the public. It’s easy to plan a whole day around the event by enjoying Main Street and all it has to offer. During the day around Freeport the town’s outlet shops and restaurants showed no sign of the struggling economy as people walked around with oversized bags filled with clothes. Freeport has a great downtown with high-end shops and an enormous LL Bean store. The LL Bean features three individual stores that make the “campus,” as they call it, look like your local university. In addition to the L.L. Bean Retail Store, you’ll also find an L.L. Bean Home Store, an L.L.Bean Hunting & Fishing Store and an L.L.Bean Bike, Boat & Ski Store in Freeport. There is also an L.L. Bean Outlet store located nearby in the village center. For directions and hours of operation, call the outlet store at 207-552-7772.
         The play was set in the center of the LL Bean “campus”. The stage was large and professionally designed. On the day of the event you can set up your own chairs or blankets and reserve a seat. We did this at 3:00 pm and were able to secure a seat in the fourth row which was a perfect spot. At 7:00 pm the seating area was full of people looking for a seat for the show, and we simply walked to our chairs and plopped down.
          With the sunset in the background the actors delivered a wonderful performance. The props used during the play were of the highest quality and the orchestra played throughout the show with a perfect sounding volume that complemented the play without overpowering its spoken verse. This show was the first annual, and I highly recommend visiting next year’s event or any of the other free shows during their summer series. For more information visit: